The College was established in 1968.  Since then very valuable equipment is procured by the concerned departments namely Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology.  All these Laboratories are equipped with sufficient and required apparatus for the conduct of all practical’s as per the syllabi of the university.  Museum of Botany and Zoology contain rare specimens and collections.  Laboratory rooms are also very wide and can accommodate 40 students to do practicals at a time.

English Language Lab

             The English Language lab is setup for imparting better communication skills to the students in order to cope with modern trends.  The lab has equipment worth 18 lakhs including two Air Conditioners.  It is backed by 30 advanced computers run by a server,  to help the students to understand the Pronunciation of English language. East student develops English Speaking Abilities using these computers through Audio and Video methods. The students with the help of Head Phones and Mike, assesses him self his pronunciation skills and catches the Tone, Intonation and Stress in the sentences of the English Language. No private college can offer such kind of facility in the vicinity of Razole. The students are prepared to online practical examinations in this laboratory.

Razole GDC

Razole GDC was established in the year 1968. Students of Razole who wish to pursue higher education had to go to Rajahmundry, Kakinada or Vijayawada


Caption : tamaso ma jyotirgamaya means "Lead me from darkness to light."